Restorz® Scoop Eze

Restorz® Scoop Eze


Our universal, patented, on the go funnel system. Now you can easily measure and pour all kinds of nutritional powders, baby formulas, snack items, powder spices, and more, without any difficulty. No more messes or time consumption. No more paper funnels that fail. 

The funnel is made from eco friendly plastics; is dishwasher safe, durable, and stores easily in your purse or backpack for your busy lifestyle. Use it at the gym for pre and after workouts to evenly disburse your choice of powders. 

There are two sizes: 80 cc and 30 cc, both accommodate the various products.  

30cc Item #: 75057

30cc UPC Code: 851862002707

80cc Item #: 75058

80cc UPC Code: 851862002769

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