Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips

Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips


Day and nighttime relief from colds due to nasal congestion, for allergies, and for fitness, to keep your nose more open. The strips are available in two different colors and shapes; Tan Extra strength, with a strong bond to the skin, is recommended for nighttime use. Clear Ultra Performance, for skin sensitivity, for day or night usage.

Here is How it Works:

Both Extra Strength and Ultra Performance have a specially patented flexor system that is embedded into the top layer of the strip. The design prevents the plastic element from resting directly on the bridge of your nose to make it more comfortable to wear over usage time.

The medical grade adhesives form a strong bond to the skin, and the wider shape helps air penetrate the deeper regions of the nasal cavities, to completely open the nose instantly and effectively, to give you hours of relief when you need it. Drug-free.

The strips are one size fits all to fit virtually any nose shape and size. Follow the directions on the box to get the best results. 

12 Count Clear Item#: 3002

12 Count Clear UPC Code: 851862002714

30 Count Clear Item#: 3001

30 Count Clear UPC Code: 851862002165

60 Count Clear Item#: 300260

60 Count Clear UPC Code: 851862002608

12 Count Tan Item#: 3001

12 Count Tan UPC Code: 851862002165

30 Count Tan Item#: 3002

30 Count Tan UPC Code: 851862002714

60 Count Tan Item#: 300160

60 Count Tan UPC Code: 8851862002660


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